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Welcome to Felgenoutlet! We help you to find suitable wheels and tyres for your vehicle. From Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen, we offer sporty, fancy and elegant alloy wheels for almost all vehicle makes. Our range of products includes rims of up to 23 inches, one- and multi-piece wheels as well as alloys in many different colours. No matter if Rial, CMS or R3 Wheels, we have your new alloy wheels in excellent quality! If you buy wheel and tyre packages you can select the rims and tyres yourself. Felgenoutlet knows what fits – we will show you suitable combinations. Choose make, model, body and type of your vehicle and we will show you a selection of alloy wheels for your vehicle! In our 3D wheel configurator you can view the rims you prefer, directly on your car. In our shop you will find the wheels that will help you shine all year, unless you prefer it matte.
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